You will never believe or guess what could have caused an early week car crash in the Tri-Cities.

Note: Not the exact deer that caused the crash (Photo: KONA File)

The Crash Near Horn Rapids Golf Course  in Benton County 

The Benton County Sheriff’s Office says a deer walking across the roadway caused the wreck earlier this week near the Horn Rapids Golf Course. 

The scene of the crash near Horn Rapids Golf Course
The scene of the crash near Horn Rapids Golf Course

A Deer was to Blame for the Crash in Benton County in the Horn Rapids Area

Deputies say the crash was caused by the driver trying to avoid the “jaywalking” deer while driving along Twin Bridges Road near Weidle Road. After missing the deer, the vehicle slammed into the guard rail. Benton County Sheriff's Investigators temporarily closed the stretch of road, but it has since been reopened. 

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SUV vs. Tractor  Crash

One person is in the hospital after a crash that involved a tractor and an SUV. 

According to the Benton County Sheriff’s Office, they received a call about a crash on Monday morning. Deputies say a White SUV was driving when it smashed into the back of a tractor. 

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