The Richland Police need your help trying to find these suspects wanted for their alleged crimes in the Richland area. See a list of the suspects and their crimes below in this week's feature.

  • Safeway Shoplifting Suspect

Police say this young man is suspected of stealing from the George Washington Way Safeway store.

Safeway suspect (Photo: RPD)
Safeway suspect
(Photo: RPD)

Safeway Shoplifter Case Number: 24-009296


  • An Alleged Truck Theif

 This man is suspected of stealing a 2021 Toyota Tundra from the victim's residence in the Country Ridge area.

Truck theft suspect (Photo: RPD)
Truck theft suspect
(Photo: RPD)

Truck Theft Case Number: 24-010478 


  • Dentist Office Vandalism Suspect

Officers say this man is suspected of causing significant damage to View Point Dental off of Columbia Point Drive.

Dental office suspect (Photo: RPD)
Dental office suspect
(Photo: RPD)


Dentist Office Vandalism Suspect Case  Number: 24-010515


  • A Suspected “Porch Pirate”

According to investigators, this man is wanted for stealing a package.

Package theft suspect (Photo: RPD)
Package theft suspect
(Photo: RPD)


Porch Pirate Case number: 24-11147


If you Have Any Information, Call the Richland Police Department.

If you have any information, please call the non-emergency line at (509) 628-0333 and reference the associated case number.

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