Its almost summer time in the Tri-Cities area. Good times and cookouts are on the horizon, but if you are not careful, so could fires and cooking accidents!

The State Fire Marshal’s Office says food brings families together and creates cherished memories with friends, but kitchen mistakes can be disastrous. Surprisingly, cooking accidents cause 44% of residential fires, with over a third due to negligence with unattended equipment. It's crucial for us all to adopt and promote safer practices to prevent these avoidable tragedies.

State Fire Marshal’s Office and  State Fire Marshal Chad Cross has come up with some helpful tips to keep you safe when cooking and or grilling.

Cooking Safety Tips

Please keep a few things in mind when cooking:

  • Keep an eye on the food you are cooking.
  • Never leave equipment unattended. 
  • Keep flammable items away from any heat source. 
  • Ensure you home is equipped with a working smoke alarm.
  • Keep a fire extinguish readily available and know how to use it. 
  • Keep your stovetop clean.
  • Keep clothing away from the burners or heat sources. 
  • Establish a safe zone out of harm’s way in case of fires. 
  • Do not place foil or metal in the microwave. 
  • If the fire doesn’t go out- get out and call 911. 

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