A welfare check in Richland prompts a call to SWAT and an arrest.

Yesterday afternoon (April 28, 2024), Kennewick Police Officers were called to check the welfare of an apartment unit at the Tradewinds Apartments.

Kennewick Police Got Called Out on a Welfare

Police say the caller wanted Police to check a man after hearing what they believed to be an argument between two other males within the apartment unit. Officers say that around the same time, the subject of the welfare check called in and asked for medical attention for a sick man.

Escalating Behavior at the Tradewinds Apartments.

When the Kennewick Police arrived, they tended to the sick man in the living room upon law enforcement officers’ arrival; aid was provided to the ill male in the living room while a man stood by. Officers said that the on-looker became upset, and Police said a gun was nearby.  Due to the escalating behavior, the Police left the flat, and the man ran to a bedroom. Eventually, medical attention was brought back to tend to the sick male and take him outside. 

A SWAT unit was called, and with the man still in the bedroom, officers reached him by phone and confirmed with him that he was armed with a shotgun; a further investigation yielded that the suspect had a previous murder charge and was not supposed to be armed. 

Negotiators Worked with the Suspect

After a SWAT drone was sent in and struck by the suspect, negotiators convinced him to put the shotgun outside of his bedroom. Officers later found out that this shotgun had been stolen. 

The Arrest for Several Charges

The suspect was arrested for the following charges:

• Two counts of RCW 9.41.040 – Unlawful Possession of a Firearm 1st Degree

• One count of RCW 9A.56.310 – Possessing a Stolen Firearm

• One count of RCW 9A.48.080 – Malicious Mischief Second Degree

• One count of RCW 9A.76.050 – Resisting Arrest

• One count of RCW 9A.76.020 – Obstructing a Law Enforcement Officer

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