Kennewick Police Department seeks public help to identify a graffiti tagger.

The tagger has spray-painted the word “Gomer” and another symbol in various locations.

Anonymous tips can be submitted online or by phone 

Property owners who have been tagged should contact the Kennewick Police Department to file a report through 


Kennewick Police Seek Public's Help in Identifying Graffiti Tagger

The Kennewick Police Department is asking the public to help in identifying a graffiti tagger on the loose in Kennewick. Officers say the tagger has spray-painted the word “Gomer” as well as another symbol (shown in the picture below) on multiple different locations around the city.


How to Submit Tips on the Graffiti Artist 

If anyone knows anything about the graffiti artist, anonymous tips can be submitted online through or through the non-emergency dispatch number, 509-628-0333. Please reference KPD 24-031418.


Reporting Tagged Property Around Kennewick

If anyone has had their property tagged by this suspect, please contact the Kennewick Police Department through the non-emergency number to file a police report.

 Graffiti Issues

  • Prevalence: Graffiti is a widespread issue in urban areas, affecting public and private properties.
  • Cost: Cities spend significant amounts on graffiti removal, with costs often reaching millions annually.
  • Legislation: Various laws aim to deter graffiti through fines, community service, and criminal charges.
  • Prevention: Cities use surveillance, rapid removal, and public awareness campaigns to prevent graffiti.
  • Impact: Graffiti can lead to increased perceptions of crime and decreased property values.
  • Art vs. Vandalism: Graffiti is sometimes considered street art, leading to debates on its cultural value vs. its legality.

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