Police in Richland are looking for several suspects who are wanted for their involvement in a few crimes around the city. The Police force also reports identifying a suspect in another case.

Richland Bar Fight Suspects

Officers say these two suspects were involved in a fight at the Dugout Bar & Grill last week. The Case number for the alleged bar brawlers is Case #24-014033

The Richland bar fight suspects Photo: Richland Police
The Richland bar fight suspects
Photo: Richland Police

A Suspected Home Improvement Thief 

According to investigators, this person shoplifted goods from the Home Depot. The case number for that retail theft is Case # 24-015006 

The Home Depot shoplifting suspect Photo: Richland Police
The Home Depot shoplifting suspect
Photo: Richland Police

Shoplifting Case Solved

The Richland Police solved another shoplifting case. Officers say a pair of people stole from the Swift Shop. Using the graphics below, investigators were able to ID the suspects. 

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  • The Benton County Sheriff got a call  about two suspicious cars in the Finley area

  • After showing up to the scene, deputies made a shocking discovery

  • An investigation turned up more information on the suspects 

Benton County Deputies  busted two people trying to use fentanyl near Finley.

The Drug Bust Near Finley in Benton County 

Over the weekend, deputies  say they got a call of of two suspicious cars  parked in front of a home in the Finley area. When investigators rolled up, they saw people smoking fentanyl and arrested them.  While investigating, deputies say that one of the suspects was a felon and also was in possession of a handgun.  The pair was taken to the Benton County Jail on charges related to the event.

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