A Truck Crash in Richland is being Investigated

On Monday Night, just before 11 PM, The Richland Police Department says an orange pickup truck careened off the road near Canyon Street and Amon Drive in Richland, crashing through a fence and toppling a light pole before finally overturning in a wooded area nearby.

The Richland and Pasco Police Department Used a Drone to Help Look for People at the Crash Scene


When Richland Police officers arrived on the scene, no one could be found. Richland Police collaborated with the Pasco Police Department to use their drone to help find anyone who could have been there at the scene and possible injuries.

Richland Police Detectives Have Launched an Investigation into the Crash

Investigators say they could not find anyone, and the crash is now being investigated as they pursue leads.

Tri-Cities Area Crime Stories


A man is in trouble after police say he broke into a cafe in Wapto.

The Man was Whitnesses Crawling Through a Broken Window

Last night (February 13, 2024), Wapato Police Officers were called to Ana's Cafe after an eyewitness called about a man crawling in through a broken window. Along with the Yakima County Sheriff's Office, the Wapato Police Department showed up at the Cafe to investigate.

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