It has felt like springtime in the Tri-Cities over the past week.

Has Spring Arrived in the Tri-Cities?

 For many, the spring season is a chance to get really started on yard work and plant some plants and flowers in your garden and property. If you want to jump on all the spring planting, you are in luck, but you must wait a bit longer. 

Gardening tool and flower in garden

Get Ready to Water your Garden!

The City of Pasco announced some excellent news over the weekend (March 24, 2023). According to the city, the irrigation pumps will be turned on April 1. Soon, green spaces will burst with new growth. Pasco says residents should expect to have irrigation water in their area by April 5! 


If you Have Questions or Need Help, Contact the City of Pasco

Do you have questions or need help? Just give the city a call at 509-544-3084.for you.


The City of Pasco Wants to Welcome you to Spring

“Let’s welcome the season together, Pasco!” the city said in a statement on its social media page.

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