Walla Walla Public Schools is releasing more information on an incident involving a masked man at one of their buildings.

The Walla Walla Public  School District said a Man Entered the Building Wearing a Mask
According to the district in a press release, earlier this month (Friday, March 1), a man entered the district’s Transportation Department building. He wore a black gator covering his entire face, sunglasses, and a baseball cap. He was also wearing a GoPro-type camera on his chest and another camera on a strap around his neck.

The masked man Photo: WWPS
The masked man
Photo: WWPS

Transportation Department staff says they greeted him professionally and asked how they could help serve him. He began asking questions about safety-related transportation operations.

The district reports that Transportation Director John Griffith came out of his office to help. The visitor continued to ask Griffith questions about transportation protocols and operations, which Director Griffith answered.

When Griffith asked his name and reason for the questions, the man only identified himself as Steve and stated he was working on a story for himself. Staff reports that he never identified himself as a media member and had no media credentials.

The Man Tried to Enter an Off-Limits Area

After answering his questions, Griffith ended the conversation and returned to his office. The visitor attempted to follow Director Griffith into a restricted area beyond the lobby. The school says the area is non-public office space occupied by transportation secretaries and staff. At that point, he was asked to leave the facility several times but refused.

Staff Called the  Walla Walla Police

The staff said they felt unsafe and contacted the authorities to ask the person to be trespassed. Police arrived on the scene, and the Superintendent’s Office told them the man would be trespassed from all school campuses and facilities consistent with laws and Board Policy.

Police Say the Man Used an Alias

After an investigation, Walla Walla Police later confirmed to district officials that the visitor who claimed to be “Steve” was, in fact, a person using an alias out of Spokane. Officers say that this week (Monday, March 18), Hel released a video of the incident, which he posted on his YouTube Channel.

According to the District, they have been flooded with messages Concerning the Event

The district says that since the release of the video, district staff, and school board members have been flooded with hundreds of obscene, vulgar, and threatening messages from individuals across the country with no apparent connection to Walla Walla. District officials remain steadfast in their professionalism and dedication to the school district's mission.

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