(Pasco, WA) -- The Oregon Outlaws strolled into the HAPO Center last Saturday looking to test the waters of indoor football. Currently an outdoor team, the Outlaws learned a hard lesson from the defending AWFC Champion Tri-City Rush.

Oregon received the opening kick, but the team's inexperience with the indoor football itself was apparent when they lost the ball twice on their first drive of the game. The first time was a fumble negated by a Tri-City penalty; the second time was a pass intercepted in the end zone by Rush DB Kevin Simmons. Simmons returned the ball all the way to the OR 3-yd line setting up an easy rushing TD for Marco Garcia, and a 7-0 TC lead less than four minutes into the game.

From there, the discrepancy in skill and experience became very apparent very quickly. The Outlaw O-Line was virtually no contest for the Rush defense--often leading to monumental losses. The offense was able to squeak out some positive yardage with various screen and designed roll-out passing plays, but the success was more-often-than-not hindered by turnovers.

On the other side, the Tri-City offense moved about the field with great success including a couple of touchdowns from lineman Alec "The Mini Fridge" Husser" playing as the fullback out of select packages.

Final Score: 87-0.

The Rush remain undefeated on the year and are on the road at Wenatchee this weekend. The game will feature several conference MVP candidates.

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