• With the nicer weather, the City of Pasco has started a few roadwork projects.

  • Pasco Officials understand that the work, closures and detours may frustrate some drivers.

  • To help ease some of the stress caused by the road work, the City of Pasco has solution.

The City of Pasco understands that all the construction work has been causing some confusion and frustration for drivers. Drivers all over the city have been experiencing delays and detours that have delayed their arrival at various destinations. 

Pasco officials say that most of the work on the roadways has been to install or repair utilities, pave streets, and improve motorists' safety as the city grows. The city understands that the frequent roadwork may be making folks mad, so they have devised a solution. 

The City of Pasco Understands Drivers May be Frustrated with All the Roadwork Around Town 

In a statement on their social media, the City of Pasco announced a new tool for navigating road closures and detours while relaxing tension and frustration. 

"We've [The City of Pasco] got a map that keeps you one step ahead of the game. Check out the detour routes around town and turn those construction woes into wows. 

Pasco Road Detour Map Features

The map features a legend and color coating to help drivers see where work is happening and how to avoid it. It also lists the road projects currently underway.

How to Find the Pasco Road Detour Map

A link to the map to help with detours can be found on their website. https://storymaps.arcgis.com/stories/febe831281cc4428aaf6be9da21e0976

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