MCC Boy’s High School Basketball Takeaways So Far

(January 11, 2024)

The high school boy’s basketball season is in full swing in the Mid-Columbia Conference (MCC). The start of the season has been filled with close games, plenty of scoring, and some stand-out players. NewsRadio 610 KONA is here to bring you five takeaways thus far.

The Richland Bombers are Off to a Hot Start

The Richland Bombers have exploded out of the gate to start the season 7-0 in conference play. (The Bombers are 8-2 overall). The Bombers also lead the MCC in scoring 567 points to start the season. 

Kamiakin and Richland are Among the Top 10 in the State for RPI

The Kamiakin Braves have also had a solid start to the season. The Braves are 6-1 in conference and 6th in the W Washington Interscholastic Activities Association RPI Rankings. Richland is in 10th for RPI.

The Richland verse Kamiakin Game Saw a Sellout Crowd. 

Last weekend, Kamiakin and Richland were both undefeated when the Braves went into Richland High School for a marquee matchup. Richland would win 65-57 in front of an impressive sell-out crowd of around 4,000 fans. 

Kamiakin Has Looked Impressive Defensively 

Part of the Kamiakin Brave’s success this year has been the play of their defense. They currently lead the MCC with the fewest points allowed in conference play at 341. 

Pasco is Still Searching for their First Win

The Pasco High Bulldogs are still searching for their first win of the 2023-2024 Season. So far, the Bulldogs are 0-7 in conference this season. 


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