RICHLAND, Wash.- Treasure Valley Coffee raised $11,000 for local veterans.

Jessica Snook, a retail manager for the company, says the owners decided to start raising the money last year. On the back of every cup, there's a little American flag and it says a portion of every cup sold will go to our local veterans.

"Last year during the pandemic, we sold over 2 million of those cups. Treasure Valley decided that they wanted to donate that and keep the money here local," says Snook.

All of the funds raised will go to the Richland VFW, which provides resources and services to our local veterans. They help with bills, housing, food, and any specials services those veterans may need.

Snook adds, "(The owners) wanted to give back to our community and they wanted to donate to a foundation that was near and dear to their heart, and that was important to them. They felt that the VFW was the best place for that money to go."

They will present the check to the VFW on Friday, March 26.

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