KENNEWICK, Wash. - A shop outside of a home in Kennewick was saved from further damage because of a 911 call by a passerby.

When the Kennewick Fire Department arrived Sunday night, they found a 20x30 shop with smoke coming out of the eaves. When crews got inside, they found that there was it was very hot and smoky, but there weren't many flames. They found the smoke originating from some ATVs parked in the back and were able to put it out

Captain Brian Ellis with the Kennewick Fire Department says the fire was likely started because of an electrical problem between an ATV and a battery tender.

"When there's things that look out of place, or if you smell odd things, at least giving us an idea of something's occurring gives us a chance to do something about it. If you see something that's not quite right, give 911 a call."

Structurally, the shop is still intact and will still be usable. However, there was damage from the smoke and heat to items inside, possibly adding up to $300,000.

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