It is the season for Scams.

Area police are warning people in the Tri-Cities of a credit card scam that could be taking place locally. 

Officers want you to look out for credit card skimmers.

Photo by Avery Evans on Unsplash
Photo by Avery Evans on Unsplash

What is a Skimmer?

Skimmers are devices attached to credit card machines that steal your credit card info. They have been known to be installed inside stores, at gas pumps, and on bank ATMs. Officers say that you should contact your bank if you suspect fraud. 

An example of a skimmer (Photo: RPD/KPD)
An example of a skimmer
(Photo: RPD/KPD)

How to Avoid Getting Scammed by Skimmers

Locally, the Kennewick and Richland Police Department are offering some tips to stay skim and scam-free this holiday season.

- Look at the card reader - does it look to be tampered with? Do the colors match or does it look "out of place"?
- Physically check the reader and number pad - is it secured, or does it lift up/come apart easily when you pull on the top corners?
- Is there a sticker or label on the top or to the left of the card reader, indicating "do not remove" - that's the sign its a secure card reader!
- Use your debit card as a credit card to avoid having to use a pin number.
- Review your banking transactions frequently to determine unauthorized charges to your account.
- If you do discover fraud, contact you bank immediately.

Tips to Avoid Being Victimized By Scams

When the Black Friday deals show up, so do the scammers! To protect yourself, the FBI shared the following tips.

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