Lanes Closed on Cable Bridge

While driving over the Cable Bridge Wednesday I noticed construction crews on the bridge and a couple of lanes were closed. We had not received anything from the Washington State Department of Transportation about any upcoming maintenance or construction, so it was time to investigate.


Not Washington Department of Transportation Crews at All

As I moved closer to the heavy equipment and workers on the bridge deck, it looked different. This did not appear to be a typical WSDOT crew doing typical WSDOT work. Plus, the back-hoe / front-loader seemed out of place. As I made a safe landing on the Kennewick side, things became much clearer. It was Ziply.


Ziply Slowed Down Drivers to Establish High-Speed Connectivity

Ziply has been rapidly moving throughout the Tri-Cities region installing new Fiber. Using a combination of Ziply and contracted staff, they're giving consumers another high-speed internet option. What was interesting to me was how they crossed the river seemed so old-fashioned, but made so much sense. Simply, Ziply used the existing infrastructure to cross the Columbia, the Cable Bridge.


Getting From Point "A" to Point "B"

So the Fiber cable can not just run over the bridge or on the walking path. It needs a safe conduit. That would be through existing sewer and water infrastructure and then right over the middle of the north and southbound lanes through the middle of that Jersey Barricade. It is actually part of the design of the barricade. Amazingly simple and simply amazing.


Future Delays Expected on 397/Chemical Drive.

Crews will continue adding new Ziply service areas. This will cause some travel delays for motorists. On Friday, the crews were moving deeper into Kennewick along State Highway 397 towards Gum Street. Be sure to "Give them a Brake".


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