The City of West Richland remains optimistic that traffic will flow through the Bombing Range Road and Keene Road intersection at normal speed this month.

The modification project has been somewhat of a headache for drivers as the north-south route serves as a major access point for the Badger South Sub-Area and access to Interstate-182. The east-west route serves as major access to the westerly developing areas of the city including a proposed high school and commercial and residential development.

After a series of traffic studies, the city decided to remove the existing 20-year-old roundabout in favor of a signalized intersection. However, the city received word that the delivery of signal heads for the traffic lights is delayed.

"We're working on trying to get a ship date so we can get those installed and get it open. So, we're still hoping before the end of October to have that signal open." Public Works Director Roscoe Slade said.

When finished, the intersection will have multiple turn lanes and traffic signals as opposed to a double lane roundabout.

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