When I was in college back in Colorado and had a hankering for some awesome pizza, I wandered over a block to my favorite spot, The Rock Wood Fired Pizza. Yeah, I thought it was one of a kind. Turns out, it is quite the chain of restaurants, almost exclusively here in Washington. So when I moved here from Denver and wanted something that reminded me of home, I was thrilled to have The Rock Pizza right here in our backyard. I went in one time a few years back and talked to the head manager, or the Big Cheese as I like to refer to him, and we talked for a while about the company, and more specifically, the building. The building The Rock was in was the first time ever that The Rock had a new building designed specifically for them. They definitely did a great job of it as well. 


 The Rise and Decline of The Rock 

Years went by, prices raised, and the pizza kind of went downhill in my book, so I stopped going there as much. After The Rock Wood Fired Pizza had to pay out $11k for denying service to a disabled customer, I think their plans for the company changed. It seems like the former Rock Wood Fired Pizza has undergone quite the transformation with its reopening as Hellfired Pizza. Despite the change in name and branding approach, the restaurant remains under the same ownership and management. The rebranding is part of a larger initiative by Hotstone LLC to redefine its establishments and establish them as distinct local destinations. 

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 A Fiery New Direction 

One notable aspect of the rebranding is the introduction of new recipes, produce vendors, and even almond wood for the pizza ovens, aiming to enhance the quality of the dining experience. The name "Hellfired" reflects a bold and exciting direction for the restaurant. As part of its evolution, Hellfired Pizza is revamping its menu, shifting its operations, and focusing on promoting itself as both a lunch and adult beverage destination. With plans for further development, including a new permanent sign and tailored happy hour specials, the restaurant aims to carve out its niche in the local dining scene. 

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