How Do I Get Free Food For My Kids In The Summer In Washington State?

I grew up poor and some of the best meals that I got were school lunches. The sad thing is that when school was out, those meals stopped and my brothers and sisters had to fend for themselves.

What Are "Sun Bucks" And How Can I Sign My Kid Up For Them In Washington?

Times have changed and luckily kids have options thanks to a new Washington State program that'll keep kids from going hungry during the summer when school is out for the summer.

Washington State is launching Summer EBT, “SUN Bucks”, a new grocery benefit program that provides families $120 for each eligible school-aged child to purchase groceries when school is out.

This new, permanent program is in addition to free meals that kids of all ages can get at summer meal sites in their communities but this program goes up and beyond the school programs

credit: dshs/wa state
credit: dshs/wa state

Who will receive SUN Bucks?

Children who are enrolled at a school that operates the National School Lunch Program and are directly certified for free or reduced-price school meals via Basic Food (SNAP), Migrant, McKinney Vento, & TANF.

If you Qualify as “low income” by a free & reduced Meal Application, new applications must be submitted by May 31, 2024.

SUN Bucks is separate from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program and provides $120 in food benefits to each eligible child.

Feed those who are hungry
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This amount may be adjusted annually. Similar to SNAP, SUN Bucks is a flexible food benefit that families can use to buy food to help offset rising food costs.

As a kid growing up poor, this would have been a great program for my family back in the day so take advantage of this program if you can.

Get more details on "Sun Bucks" here.

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