I almost always prefer to be outside, except in extreme heat, and by 'extreme,' I mean anything above, like 78°F. Otherwise, I'll wait until the evening. A new study suggests that people need to spend 67 minutes outside every day to feel refreshed. Now, I'm not sure about that exact time, but I strongly agree with the sentiment.


Regardless of the season, I'm always outside for at least a bit—hanging out with the dogs, doing some work, or just smoking a cigar. For me, being outdoors definitely puts me in a better headspace. A recent survey conducted by SWNS Digital revealed that 68% of 2,000 American adults agree that spending time outdoors has a relaxing effect on them, uplifts their mood (66%), and helps clear their minds (64%).

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So let's work on our mental health together and spend a little more time outside this summer than usual to help us feel more relaxed, less stressed, and more rejuvenated.

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