Finally, my destructible little pup might just pay off thanks to his obsessive cuteness and love of toys. PetSmart is on the lookout for the next duo to fill its esteemed Chief Toy Tester position! After a grueling year of hard work testing all toys sold at PetSmart, the current Chief is ready to pass the leash to the new exec. So, if your pet has what it takes to sniff out the best toys, taste-test the yummiest treats, and strut their stuff on the pet runway, then this could be their chance to shine—and earn up to $10,000 in the process! 

The Gig: 

As Chief Toy Testers, your furry sidekick will receive quarterly shipments brimming with the latest and greatest toys, treats, and even fashionable attire. Their task? To put each product through its paces, sharing their candid reviews on social media for all pet lovers to see. Plus, they'll have the opportunity to become official PetSmart models, gracing displays and signs in stores nationwide. 


Does your pet have boundless energy and a knack for solving puzzles? Can they sniff out the tastiest treats with ease? Do they possess the charisma to rock the catwalk and showcase the latest pet fashion trends? And let's not forget about you, their devoted pet parent. 


Aside from bragging rights and their face plastered across PetSmart stores, your pet will pocket a cool $10,000, receive early access to exclusive products, and bask in the adoration of pet lovers everywhere. Now Yogi, my boy could definitely use the cash, but he definitely wouldn't like the attention. He has the same rules as a strip club: you may look but do not touch. It's funny I have never had a dog so aloof to affection. Most of the time he won't even let his mom cuddle him; if he wants attention, he comes to me for just a little bit. 

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How to Apply: 

Think your pet has what it takes to be PetSmart's next Chief Toy Tester? Head over to to submit their application before May 29, 2024. Be sure to include a 15-30-second video showcasing their personality and a brief review of their favorite toy in 200 words or less.   

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