McDonald's famous tagline "You deserve a break today" didn't hold true for Mason Prima, an 18-year-old in Saskatoon, who faced a $580 fine for using his phone in the drive-thru. Prima, trying to redeem reward points for a meal, found himself fined by an officer who alleged he was driving while using a cellphone. Prima insists he was barely moving and only using his app while inching forward in line. 


The Police Perspective 

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police stated that Prima was observed driving on a public roadway while using his phone. However, Prima argues that he was not actively driving, merely coasting in the drive-thru without even touching the gas pedal. I will say I definitely do this every time. Also, I love the idea of the RCMP pulling someone over on their horses. I know they don't just ride horses, but it's a funny image in my head.


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Personal Reflection 

When I heard this story, I knew immediately I wanted to share it with you. It seems ridiculous that this could happen, but I suppose it's a good reminder to always keep your hands free and your eyes on the road, no matter who you inconvenience by slowing down the line to open your app at the window. 

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