• An investigation has been launched into a fight in Walla Walla on Monday

  • Officers say three women fought in a parking lot near a local market

  • Investigators say as of now, no arrests have been made

Police Officers in Walla Walla are looking into a fight that involved three women.

A Fight Between Multiple Women in Walla Walla

Investigators say that around 6 PM, this past Monday, they got a call about multiple women fighting in a parking lot near  the Super 1 Grocery Store  along the 700th block of South 9th Avenue.

Details of the Near a Busy Roadway

According to Police, the fight started due to one person being “rude” about not letting a vehicle back out of a parking space. Officers say, then words and punches were thrown. However, despite the fight, no arrests were made, and detectives say the fight remains part of an open investigation as a possible 4th degree assault.

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