A Washington State Patrol (WSP) vehicle involved in a crash with two other vehicles on Interstate 182 will be out of service for some time. 

The trooper driving the state patrol vehicle was assisting the driver of a disabled semi-truck near the Queensgate Area in Richland when a car struck by another car slammed into the trooper’s vehicle. 

"A vehicle approached our trooper in the right lane and slowed down. And then a third vehicle hit the vehicle that slowed down which launched that vehicle into the back of our trooper's car. The driver of that middle car and our trooper were both transported to a local hospital." Trooper Chris Thorson said.

Trooper Thorson says neck and back injuries range from minor to moderate.

The vehicle that struck the patrol car is totaled.

"The middle car has rear and front-end damage with airbags deployed. And then our trooper vehicle is disabled from the rear end damage, so it'll have to be repaired before driven." Trooper Thorson said.

No word on charges as troopers were still reconstructing the scene.

Westbound traffic was a mess for about two hours.

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