Tri-Cities will be getting a new sports team in 2024

Starting this summer, the Tri-Cities Badgers will play semi-professional soccer in the Evergreen Premiere League (EPLWA). 

Why the “Badgers” 

The name was chosen to pay homage to Badger Mountain, an iconic geological feature that is very popular with hikers wanting to scale the trail and take in the views of all three of the Tri-Cities. 

The Club’s Color Scheme

The club's colors will be black, golden scarab, brick, and white. The team says that each color has a meaning. Black represents strength & power, and brick, and golden scarab embody the earthy, rustic, and natural aesthetics of our cities in the desert. White represents clarity and integrity; they want to represent this on and off the pitch.

Photo: TCB
Photo: TCB


About the EPLWA

The EPLWA is a semi-pro soccer in the Northwest founded in 2013 and currently has ten teams across Washington State. Current markets include Bellingham, Everett, Olympia, and others. You can read more about the league on their website


Who will Play for the Badgers?

The team will field local talent from Columbia Basic College, area high schools, and soccer academies. The club says that they will not have any issues finding enough players. Their tryouts are not exclusive, and they welcome everyone to come to try out.

About the Head Coach

The club has selected Humberto Chavez as their head coach. Chavez was recently awarded Boys' Competitive Coach of the Year 2023 and currently heads a Three Rivers 06 team.

TC Badger's Head Coach, Humberto Chavez Photo: TCB
TC Badger's Head Coach, Humberto Chavez
Photo: TCB

Where will the Badgers Play?

Officials with the club say they are looking at several local high school venues such as Lampson Stadium in Kennewick or Fran Rish/Bomber Bowl in Richland.

The $99 million bond approved in 2017 includes funds for a remodel of Fran Rish Stadium, which is used by Richland and Hanford High Schools.
The club is considering playing at Fran Rish. (Photo RSD)

What Fans Can Expect at Semi-Pro Soccer Matches in the Tri-Cities

 Fans who attend Badgers and EPLWA matches can expect a passionate atmosphere, affordable entertainment, close interaction with players, local pride, and a family-friendly environment. Still, above all else, fans will experience top-level soccer from homegrown players looking to represent our neighborhoods in the best light possible. These matches support their development and future on their path to pro.

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