Boating season is almost here and if you’re looking for a screaming deal on a boat (more like a project), a salvaged boat, like this one in Pasco, could be yours.

What is a salvaged boat?

The definition of a salvaged boat varies but generally, it means the vessel has been damaged to the point where the cost to repair it is more than its current value or it has been declared a total loss by an insurance company. Salvaged boats are sold “as is” and the seller makes no warranties. If you buy a salvaged boat, you get the goods as they are and take full responsibility for repairs. It could be water damage, structural damage, engine damage, or if you’re lucky, minor blemishes from sitting in a yard too long (there’s one below).  Whatever the case may be, you should visibly inspect the boat and learn everything you can about its past and current condition before you bid. Avoid bidding on anything that doesn’t have a clean title or investigate the boat further – make sure you can legally purchase it.

Here’s a short list of salvaged boats currently up for auction in Pasco and other  Washington towns.

Pasco, WA - 1987 StarCraft Boat and Trailer – primary damage - hail storm.
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Pasco, WA – 1989 Sun Runner Ultra 302 – primary damage - water/flood and mechanical.

Arlington, WA – 2019 Gradal Boat/TRA – primary damage – structural/siding. This one could be a great deal - other than damage to the side, it's clean.

Arlington, WA – 1997 Bayliner 2252 – primary damage – normal wear and tear with minor scratches.

Arlington, WA – 1988 Bayliner – primary damage – water/flood.

You can view additional images of these boats and learn more about their condition HERE.

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