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As if resistance from Pasco business leaders is not enough, pot shops are already prohibited in Pasco.

  Spokane businessman wants to open a shop downtown

A Spokane pot shop owner laid out his proposal and ideas for wanting to open a pot shop in downtown Pasco, but business leaders are not fond of the idea.

According to KEPR-TV, David Morgan is the owner-operator of Lucky Leaf in Spokane. He said, according to KEPR, he figures there would be some opposition and protests to the idea and he wanted to open the dialogue and answer questions.

However, a number of council members and business leaders, including some in the Latina community, have concerns.

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Leo Perales, who is the Vice President of the Latin Business Association, said he'd talked with their members, and at least 95 percent are against the idea. These leaders say there's already a homeless and crime issue they're battling along with law enforcement, and the presence of a pot shop would just make it worse.

According to KEPR, Perales said during the meeting:

 "We got a huge homelessness problem there in Downtown Pasco, we have in plain view, in plain sight, in the middle of the day doing drugs, shooting up heroin and stuff like that so we feel like we need to get stuff like that addressed before we bring in the marijuana-type business. So right now it doesn't fit the character of the downtown."

   If the opposition isn't enough, pot shops are illegal in Pasco.

A quick look at Pasco statutes and laws shows Ordinance 4166 prohibits this type of activity and business. According to the City of Pasco website:

"Ordinance 4166 prohibits marijuana production, processing and retail sales and also prohibits marijuana collective gardens and dispensaries. At this time, the City of Pasco will not accept license applications for any of the above marijuana related uses"

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