(Richland, WA) -- A man is dead, apparently after being hit by a vehicle along the westbound 240 Freeway between the I-182 interchange and the exit for the Columbia Park Trail. This happened Sunday morning around 2:20 when police say the vehicle came upon the man walking along the freeway and slammed into him. The victim, who has not been identified was pronounced dead at the scene. The 240 Freeway was closed off for hours, and not reopened until around 7:00am while police investigated the crash.

Police were alerted to the crash after another motorist saw the victim lying on the roadway and stopped. They then notified authorities, who then came to the scene.

It's unclear why the victim was actually on the freeway. State Patrol says they could not find an abandoned vehicle that would indicate whether the man was a motorist in distress.

If you know anything about what happened, the Washington State Patrol would like to hear from you at 509-734-7034. Or call Investigating Detective Sterrat at 509-378-2753

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