PASCO, Wash.-

A young boy who was kidnapped by his older brother early Sunday morning has returned home safely.

Police got a call around 1am Sunday from a distraught mother who said that her six year old son was missing. After investigating the situation, they suspected it was her 16 year old son who took him.

Sergeant Rigo Pruneda with the Pasco Police Department said, "The 16 year old was estranged from the mother for a couple of years, and just that night recently reconnected with her and stayed with mother. He chose to take his little brother and leave, with the intention of not bringing him back."

The two brothers were found at a family member's house in Nampa, Idaho around 11pm Sunday night and brought back to Pasco. No information about a motive have been released. Locals have speculated that the 16 year old might have been taking his little brother from an unsafe environment at home - Police investigated the situation and said they have no reason to suspect this is true.

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