Drivers know many of Kennewick's streets are in dire need of repair. And if the deteriorating roads don't get addressed, they crumble, and potholes form during the colder months.

That's why city road crews are off to an early start, sealing cracks in the pavement to prevent further wear and tear.

"When you got a crack in the pavement, if water gets in there, and then it freezes, it can cause a pothole on the roads. And so, we want to make sure we reduce that issue before the wintertime comes." said Evelyn Lusignan, the city's director of public relations and government affairs.

Crews are taking advantage of the mild weather, working in various locations until mid-October. They rely on road condition surveys to prioritize and identify roads to repair.

"We're hitting Yelm Street, Vancouver, 27th, sections of Edison. So, depending on where you live and the traffic that you get on the roadways near your home, is going to indicate how often they're probably coming to do that." Lusignan said.

And when the city isn't leaning on surveys to highlight areas of importance, it wants to hear from you to identify those problem spots.

"Especially in neighborhoods where we're not traveling around as much and they're seeing some concerns, and we need to address it before a bigger situation happens with a big pothole and then that's obviously a more extensive repair." Lusignan said.

If you would like to report roads in need of repair, go to the City of Kennewick's website. We've set up a link here.

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