Kennewick Modernizing its Meters

It is a major city-wide endeavor. Kennewick water meters are going hi-tech. It is designed to not only replace the aging meters (pictured below) but also assist water users better manage their water use.


New Meters "talk" to the City

With the new "Smart" meters the City no longer needs to actually physically check each meter or try to estimate water consumption. The meter includes a communication unit and antenna. Called the "Advanced Metering Infrastructure Project", these units send real-time usage data to the City and can also be accessed by the end user. The metering information gets updated every hour.


Low power communication

The new meter (pictured above) is sending the hourly data onto a secure network that the City uses for billing purposes. For the user, this can also help with conservation by monitoring peak usage periods. This could also alert the user to any number of issues if there was any type of water leakage on their property.


The antenna is in the lid

Some meters that are still in good shape and are not outdated will receive an update that includes the special communication module and antenna that will allow direct contact. The City has been working on the Advanced Metering Infrastructure Project since August and will continue to move through different zones until all meters are "Smart". There is a link on the City's website that shows the estimated timetable for completion. Homeowners and businesses usually experience a 15 to 20 minute disruption of water service during the installation.

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