Ice Harbor Closes Brew Pub

It's where "Harbor - Rites" would gather for good food and better refreshment. Ice Harbor's Historic Downtown Kennewick location opened up in 2004. They had outgrown their birthplace in Pasco. Ice Harbor Brewing was an early entry into what has become a constantly growing craft beer segment. Prior to being Ice Harbor that location was home to Paradise Bottled water. The owners, Mike and Bill had to frame out and plumb everything from the kitchen, back to the home brewery supply store, to the brewing room and bathrooms. And you know, despite the tiny kitchen, pictured below, they cranked out some fantastic food.


Lasting friends gathered there

With the locally made beers, and later home-crafted seltzers, Ice Harbor had something else. It was a place that felt like an extension of your own home. It was comfortable. The staff made it that way with every interaction with the customers that became friends. Yes, they knew exactly what you wanted when you would swing the front door open, but there was more to it. Mug Club membership, your Mug Club day and your Birthday were all special events because of that group.


Spin the wheel

It seemed to be a perfect fit. The Brew Pub in the old grain elevator building at a railroad depot in the heart of the Downtown. It just "felt" right. It was "come as you are" with no pretentiousness, no expectations. It also was a true family spot. We've seen many of the Ice Harbor kids grow up. Truly amazing. One thing nearly all could agree on was the wheel. It was a fantastic experience and it would save you a little money too! Every time a train rolled on by, they would spin that wheel with different levels of discounts on your next pour.


Ice Harbor begins a new chapter

As the doors closed to the public Saturday, the move began Sunday. A steady stream of pickup trucks hauled items to the future home of Ice Harbor at the Public Market off Washington Street. As of 1 pm Monday nearly all of the brewing and kitchen equipment, tables, chairs, and bar stools had been moved. Ice Harbor will have the front section of the Public Market at Columbia River Warehouse. Estimated time to re-open, hopefully by April 1st. No fooling...

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