(Pasco, WA) -- A Delta High School Student is facing felony charges after allegedly compiling a hit list of 20 classmates in her journal. According to documents, the 14-year-old is said to have included a method of murder for one name written. That method of murder was apparently to "stab 8 times in the chest."

The other 19 entries were just names.

Pasco Police arrested the student on April 4 for 1 count of suspicion of harassment - felony threats to kill. She has since pleaded not guilty and has been released on supervision with a no-contact order for the student listed with the description of murder.

The Pasco School District shared the following statement on the matter:

"The safety of students within the Pasco School District (PSD) is our top priority and something we take very seriously. When Delta High School administrators were alerted to a student making alleged threats against other students, they took immediate action by contacting the Pasco Police Department (PD) and completing a full threat assessment. The families of any impacted students were also notified. The Pasco PD completed their investigation, which was referred to the Franklin County Prosecutor’s Office for review.

While PSD does not disclose disciplinary actions for individual students, the student is not attending school on the Delta campus and there is no credible threat to students at this time."

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