The City of Kennewick is giving its website a new look and you can help freshen its pages with images of your own.

"We came up with an idea in discussing our website redesign project which we're in the middle of right now, refreshing our pages, giving it a new look." Evelyn Lusignan, Public Relations and Customer Service Manager said.

The city decided to kick off a contest for people to submit photographs according to four different categories: Active Kennewick, My Community, Environment and Pets and Animals.

"What better way to highlight what's going on in our community than to have people in the community help us find the right pictures to tell our story about what Kennewick is and being a great place to live and visit and so yeah, we decided to have a contest to get some photos." Lusignan said.

$100 is being offered for each photo that's selected. You don't have to be a professional photographer for a shot at the cash prize.

"I've seen people take some amazing pictures nowadays with the fancy new phones that are out there and it's amazing with the editing and things that people can do."

We've set up a link for the Kennewick Photo Contest. You can submit up to four photos. They should be high resolution. Remove any watermarks/trademarks before entering your photo.

Eligible photos must be taken within the city limits of Kennewick. However, images of the river and hiking will be accepted if they were taken in Benton County.

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