The Kennewick Arts Commission is accepting proposals for continued work on digital artwork for vinyl wrappings over the city's traffic utility boxes.

The city wants to beautify four street corners with art that reflects the history and heritage of certain zones such as Downtown Kennewick and the Three Rivers Entertainment District.

"We have a page where people can go to see all the elements of art that we have in Kennewick," Evelyn Lusignan, Public Relations and Customer Service Manager said. "We have over 20 boxes already wrapped. So, this will add more to the inventory."

The spirit of the art should reflect the themes of Kennewick. Art Opportunity Zone Description is available on the city's website at

"We do also offer, for those selected, $300 for the artwork to display on the utility boxes," Lusignan said. "The city has the artwork transformed into a vinyl wrapping to cover the selected utility box. And currently we have four locations selected for this call for artists."

Approved locations:

  • N Center Parkway and W Quinault Ave
  • W Kennewick Ave and S Yelm St
  • W Kennewick Ave and Vista Way
  • S Garfield St and W Vineyard Dr

"The artwork will be seen by all, the people who live here and travel here. Some of these intersections get thousands of people travelling through them every day." Lusignan added.

You don't have to live in the city of Kennewick to be eligible. Submittals will be accepted by artists or teams living in the Pacific Northwest. Submitted designs must be original works of the artist and in compliance with all existing copyright laws. Artists can submit up to four designs. They have until 5pm, September 8th, to enter their artwork.

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