It's not something you see every day. A car crashed into a Kennewick bank building.

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The incident occurred Tuesday around 4 pm. According to Kennewick Police, a sedan plowed into the Washington Trust Bank, at 3250 West Clearwater Avenue. Officers and the Kennewick Fire Department responded to the bank for an unknown injury collision.

Upon arrival, Kennewick Police found the occupant of the sedan out of the vehicle.

The driver was treated for minor injuries at the scene. Fortunately, the office that the vehicle drove through was not occupied at the time. No one was injured at the bank.

After investigation it was determined that the sedan was eastbound on Clearwater Avenue approaching Johnson Street. A pick-up truck was stopped, preparing to go south on Johnson. The pick-up collided with the car in the intersection. As a result, the sedan continued toward the bank. The pick-up driver was cited for failing to yield to a motor vehicle.

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