Former Benton Franklin Fair Queen Lexy Hibbs is representing the state of Washington for the National Title of Miss Rodeo America in Las Vegas.

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When is the Miss Rodeo America competition?

The Miss Rodeo America pageant will be held from November 27th through December 4th at South Pointe Hotel and Casino.

How are the contestants judged?

There are horsemanship and speech competitions, as well as a written test. Miss Rodeo America goes on to represent the interests of Professional Rodeo and the Western Way of Life.

What's Lexy Hibb's background story?

Lexy Hibbs is a Richland resident. She is the daughter of Dean and Patty Hibbs. She has spent the year promoting rodeo and agriculture throughout the state as Miss Rodeo Washington. 


Hibbs graduated from WSU with a Bachelor of Sciences in Viticulture and Enology, and a minor in Horticulture. She enjoys applying her education while working as the Viticulturist at Gooseridge Estate Vineyard and Winery located in Benton City Washington, where she oversees the operations of their 2000-acre farm. From the time she threw a leg over her first American Quarter horse at the age of seven, she has had a passion for horses. Over the years, Lexy has competed in numerous equine disciplines including 4H, equestrian vaulting, dressage, jumping, and rodeo queen pageants.

The 2023 Miss Rodeo America winner will be crowned on Sunday, December 4th.

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