The Thunderbird Motel in Pasco, a location long known for harboring the seedier side of our society, has finally been demolished.  The project, which has been under way for months, was completed this week.  And none too soon as far as city officials were concerned.

"There were a lot of calls for service from our public safety agencies.  So certainly that was a concern to several folks, especially downtown." says Pasco Communications Manager John Funfar.

With a focus on growing and improving downtown Pasco, removal of the old hotel was necessary not only from public health and safety concerns, but also because of the growing need for close parking for the existing and newly planned amenities in the area.

"With the redevelopment of Peanut's Park and removal of the parking spaces that were there, this is a new lot to provide that much needed parking for events at the park." Funfar adds.

Beyond that, with the increase in popularity of farmers' markets after the pandemic, the city saw an immediate need for space to accommodate the larger crowds of patrons.

City officials expect to begin construction of the new parking lot come early 2023, with completion expected later that year.

In years past, the downtown area of Pasco was seen as being neglected.  Rough taverns, an adult theater and the infamous Oz's Head Shop were the prominent features of the area.  Though in recent times city officials and their partners have made great advances to make downtown Pasco a more attractive destination and generator of revenue.

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