The City of Pasco is the recipient of an award that recognizes 22 years of work on high water quality.

The Butterfield Water Treatment Plant is touted as having one of the best water purification services. It received the Surface Water Treatment Plant Award from the Department of Health.

"We're committed to be able to provide high quality water to every citizen and every business in the city of Pasco." Michael Henao, City of Pasco Environmental Compliance Coordinator, said.

Butterfield is one of two water treatment plants operated by the growing city of Pasco. The other is the West Pasco Water Treatment Plant where improvements to triple capacity are underway.

All of the water that passes through the treatment plants comes from the Columbia River.

"The two facilities provided 5 billion gallons of water last year," Henao added, "We're putting out an average 4 million gallons per day of water."

Henao adds that the City of Pasco's annual water quality report can be found on its website. If you need a hard copy in Spanish or English, you can do so by reaching out to customer service at 509-544-3080.

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