City of Pasco urges everyone to visit Schlagel Park to see the many improvements that have taken place.

The park underwent a complete makeover with new restrooms, parking lot and a boat launch that replaced the old one.

"The one before it wasn't very user friendly. If you've ever used it, you can attest to that. But now it's actually really nice, handicap accessible. And it's a really modern and it works well." City Facilities Manager Dan Dotta said.

Schlagel Park Boat Ramp

The parking lot is much easier to navigate as well, especially for RV's.

"You can park and then it allows you to pull in and do a U-turn all the way around, come back in and actually back right down to the launch because it is a little bit of a tight area." Dotta said.

Schlagel Park Parking Lot

The city also wants to connect the bike path from the east and west, so it goes through the park.

"Either go under the (railroad) bridge with the tunnel, or we're going to go out over the water and be able to bring that bike path out there. And then what we do is come through the park, and then connect right over there in the port property."

Dotta says he's happy with how the park is taking shape and praises everyone involved.

"We were able to bring the whole entire team from the city out to help on this project. We had public works with their engineering. We had their operations crew, we had recreation down there. We had parks down there with the facilities team down there," Dota added. "What we're trying to do is be a leader in our community, of showing how important it is to our community."

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