• Walla Walla County has gotten money for road safety.
  • The Federal "Safe Streets for All Grant" will help address problem roads and areas in the county.
  • Walla Walla County is hoping to hear from residents to identify the areas that are in the greatest need. 
  • What are the most dangerous roads and areas in Walla Walla County? Now is your time to tell County Officials to address them.
  • A Grant to improve Safety in Walla Walla County

The Walla Walla County Public Works Department  has announced that they will receive just over a quarter of a million dollars to address street safety.

Police recovered a stolen firearm during a traffic stop in College Place Wednesday. (Photo: Walla Walla PD)
Walla Walla County Sheriffs Deputies and local  Police work to help keep roadways safe in the county. This photo is of a traffic stop that uncovered a stolen gun according to officers (Photo: Walla Walla PD)

The  $252,000 Safe Streets for All Grant is from the U.S. Department of Transportation,  allows the county to create a complete safety action plan to look at and address issues around the highest risk locations and behaviors along roads in the county. Walla Walla County says that the goal of the Safe Streets for All grant is to reduce serious or fatal crashes.

Photo Credit:  Canva

Walla Walla County Wants to Hear from You on the Street Safety Plan

County officials are asking residents to help identify any trouble spots along roads and areas throughout the area that the grant could look at and address. You can provide feedback and learn more about the project by checking out their website.

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