Washington State is investing $20 million to expand high-speed internet access, focusing on eastern and distressed regions to enhance digital equity. This initiative aims to bridge the digital divide and provide reliable internet connectivity to underserved communities. 

Allocation of Funds 

The Washington State Public Works Board allocated $21 million for broadband projects across ten communities during its May 3, 2024 meeting, aiming to connect around 6,000 people. 

Key Projects 

Some of the key projects receiving funding include: 

  • Jefferson Public Utility District No. 1: $4 million for the Northeast Olympic FTTP project. 
  • Klick Networks, LLC: $800,000 for the Trout Lake FTTH project. 
  • Okanogan County Electric Cooperative: $5 million for Okanogan County Connect Phase Two. 
  • Spokane Regional Broadband Development Authority: $2 million for the South Spokane County Rural Towns Open Access Mid-mile Connectivity project. 

Additional Funding 

Additional funding supports pre-construction in Snohomish County and emergency repairs in Lewis and Chelan counties. 

Economic and Social Impact 

PWB Chair Kathryn A. Gardow and Programs Manager Sheila Richardson highlighted the positive impacts on local economies, remote work opportunities, and home values.

Federal Support 

Washington's approval for the Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment program provides access to $1.2 billion in federal funding for further initiatives, reinforcing the state's commitment to universal high-speed internet. 


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Washington state's investment in high-speed internet expansion underscores its dedication to digital equity and economic development. For more information, visit pwb.wa.gov

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