Police in Walla Walla say three adults detained a knife-wielding man who was loitering near a park. 

Adults were Uncomfortable with Who They Saw Near a Playground at Menlo Park

According to investigators, the suspect was standing near the playground at Menlo Park, reportedly making families uncomfortable as they arrived for sports at their children’s practice.

Walla Walla Police
(Photo: Walla Walla Police)

An Argument Led to the Suspect Pulling a Knife at the Walla Walla Park

Police say a parent approached the suspect and told him he needed to leave. The intervention resulted in an argument followed by a physical brawl.  Investigators say that the suspect pulled out a knife and made threats and gestures. 

Thet Playground at Menlo Park in Walla Walla (Photo: Visit Walla Walla)
Thet Playground at Menlo Park in Walla Walla
(Photo: Visit Walla Walla)

Adults at the Park and Physically Held the Suspect There Until the Cops Arrived

Officers say that after the knife was pulled, three adults physically kept the man from leaving while others called the cops. Police soon arrived and took him into custody on suspicion of assault and malicious mischief. Investigators say that the victim’s glasses were broken during the altercation, but other than that, no injuries were reported.

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