It's a new year and police in Union Gap continue to search for a suspect or suspects in a brutal homicide reported in July of 2022. The fatal beating of two people in their Union Gap home on the 4th of July of 2022 remains a mystery. Last year Union Gap authorities released a photo of a man they hoped to identify but so far no arrest has been made.

Police aren't saying the photo shows a suspect but they have questions

The photo shows a man walking in the 1100 block of Whatcom Street in Union Gap on the evening of July 4, 2022 when 84-year-old Jose Navarro and 87-year-old Rafaela Guzmán Navarro were beat to death inside their Union Gap home. The man is walking in the couple's neighborhood and he was walking in the area at about the time both were killed.  Both were beat to death inside their Union Gap home. The couple was found dead by family members who had stopped to check on them after not being able to reach them on the phone. No other details have been released about the murders and so far no persons of interest or suspects have been named.

Both victims were beaten to death

Authorities say both died of blunt force trauma and died at the Union Gap home. Detectives know someone knows something they haven't told police. You can call in your tips anonymously to Yakima County Crime Stoppers at 800-248-9980.
You can also contact the Union Gap Police Department at 509-248-0430.

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