(Hermiston, OR) -- The Umatilla County Sheriff's Office says they've turned a possible case of animal cruelty over the county District Attorney. This goes back to July 30th with the UCSO was called to a trailer in the 2300 Block of North First Place in Hermiston on a report of a possible puppy mill. It was there that a deputy found a 70-year-old woman living in a travel trailer, along with a number of adult dogs corralled in cages, and puppies of various ages. The deputy responding convinced the woman to surrender some of the dogs. She ultimately let go of 12 animals, who were taken to a rescue facility.

At This Point, Investigators Began a Closer Look

The sheriff's office then began an Animal Neglect investigation. It was on Thursday that a detective came to the trailer's location, but by that point both the trailer and the woman were gone. Authorities are not clear on where the woman or trailer are at this time


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