With colder months ahead, there is much to prepare such as tire replacement and sprinkler weatherization.

It's also time to make sure your pets adapt well to the freezing temperatures. That goes for outdoor dogs.

The best way to keep dogs warm is to simply limit their time outside or keep them inside with you, but that's not always ideal if the conditions inside the home aren't suited for large and/or unsettled dogs.

Benton County Canine Shelter asks that you do more than leave a blanket outside.

"Blankets freeze and make it worse for the dogs," Supervisor Josh Castilleja said. "Insulated dog houses, if you're going to have dogs outside, are awesome. Insulation definitely helps keeps them warm due to things like straw like you use for other animals." Supervisor Josh Castilleja said.

source: Consumer Sherpa
source: Consumer Sherpa

Also consider a winter wardrobe for your dog such as fitted sweaters or sturdy winter coats. Dog boots and paw protectors will keep their paws safe from exposure to snow and ice. If you don't have anything to cover their paws, trim the fur around their paws so ice balls don't form between their pads and toes.

pawz dog boots
Source: Pawz dog boots

Finally, think about your dog's age. Older dogs and puppies should be kept inside as much as possible as they don't regulate body temperature well.

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