Aly’s top 5 things to do if your snowed in.  

-Rearrange your home! You’re staring at the same 4 walls, may as well switch up how they look! Plus, gives you a good chance to clean up those dust bunnies that you may have missed from the last time ya cleaned! 

-Binge that series you’ve been putting off! Finally! It’s time to catch up on the tv drama’s or even those reality shows and be able to come back to work with “Oh my gosh! Yes! I saw that episode!” and own it like a champ! 

-Write a letter to someone. Think about it, when was the last time you hand wrote a letter to someone? And not because it was their birthday or celebration of some sort?  

-Call someone you’ve been “meaning to call.” Could be grandma, a brother, an old friend, being talkative on the phone rather than text fills up time and makes it feel more genuine.  

-Shovel! (If you can) Need a way out of your place, pick up the shovel. See a neighbor needing assistance? Pick up a shovel. See your sidewalk blocked? Pick up a shovel! Bundle up first!

No matter how you choose to spend a day “snowed in.” make the best of it, even if the best is snuggling on the couch with a nice blanket and your favorite beverage, it’s your best and that’s what makes those days' worth it! Cozy or productive, your choice, but take it in because they don’t happen often! 

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