According to a new study utilizing Google trends and search data, we know (approximately!) the most popular breed in WA state.

According to survey, it's the_______________

Shane Co. is a jewelry, lifestyle, and gift store online, and they just put out a new survey in honor of National Puppy Day, indicating what the most popular breeds are in each state.

The survey is based on Google trends, search categories, and other related data going back over the last five years. It doesn't mean this breed is necessarily the one you find the most in homes, but a good indicator of how popular they are.

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According to the survey, in WA state, it's the Corgi. These little short-legged dogs are fun to watch, have a lot of personalities, and 'waddle' around sometimes at pretty fast speeds.

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Corgis are known for being herding dogs, and companions, and are considered smart and loyal. They're known for being affectionate, but not considered 'needy.'

They are often in top contention for winning their category at the Westminster Dog show as well, because they're smart and easily trainable.


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As for our neighbors to the south, Oregon's most popular breed is the Labradoodle. In Idaho, the study claims the most popular is the border collie. In CA it's the French bulldog, and in Montana, it's the German Shepard.

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