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It's a trend that was not widely known until recently.

Growing numbers of people are getting personal protection dogs

According to a variety of security experts, and dog trainers, the demand for what is called personal protection dogs is growing.

These are not simply larger animals that naturally guard their family and other familiar people, these are professionally trained dogs that might be similar to police K-9s.

An online search turned up at least 12 different services either nationally, regionally, or state-by-state. And that was just the first page of the results.

According to the website Integrity K-9 services, this is what a personal protection dog is:

"A personal protection dog is a highly trained dog that is capable of protecting you from threats and which will help keep you from being physically hurt by others"

Experts say the difference between guard dogs and personal protection dogs is that guard dogs are not trained to 'safely' interact with people like others. Personal protection dogs are specifically trained to be 'friendly' and interactive with the specific people they're trained to protect.

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Guard dogs are much more aggressive to larger numbers of people.

 Some companies who sell these protection animals put them through police K-9 style training.

Many people are also utilizing a mix of buying an intelligent protective breed, such as a German Shepard or a Belanois, and then putting them through their own training. This is because some of the highest-trained protection dogs can cost anywhere from $20 to $60 thousand dollars.

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