PASCO, Wash.-- Washington State Patrol Troopers are looking for a man who led them on a high speed chase over the Cable Bridge Thursday morning.

Trooper Chris Thorson says the driver reached speeds of at least 100 mph driving from Kennewick into Pasco, and then abandoned the car, which was later determined to have been reported stolen, at an apartment complex at 5th and Clark in Pasco.

"One of our Troopers actually saw him running down the street and jump a fence at 6th and Clark, but was never able to apprehend him," Thorson said. "Fast forward about 45minutes later, someone at a residence waved us down, and said that someone had run into this house."

The resident allowed Troopers and Pasco Police officers to search the home, but were unable to locate the suspect.

Surveillance video from a neighboring home showed the suspect running into the house, and then running out a short time later in different clothing.

Thorson said investigators believe one person who was in the home is not fully cooperating with the investigation, and may have helped the suspect.

Officers believe they know who they're looking for, and will continue searching for the suspect.

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